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No More Stressful Fix-Ups Thanks To As-Is Cash House Deals


Skip repairs, also known as “As-Is Cash House Deals” is a process that allows homeowners to sell their home without having to make expensive and time-consuming repairs. Instead of spending money on costly renovations and fix-ups, a homeowner can simply take a cash offer from an investor who will buy the property in its current condition. This eliminates the worry of costly repair bills or dealing with unreliable contractors. Skip repairs allow homeowners to avoid putting any extra financial strain on themselves while still selling their homes quickly for cash. In addition, skip repairs are beneficial because they eliminate the need for lengthy inspection processes and appraisals which can often add weeks or even months onto traditional real estate transactions.


Common Repairs Homes Need

Interior repairs can be some of the most costly and time-consuming home repairs. These include repairing drywall, replacing carpets or flooring, painting walls, fixing electrical outlets and wiring, installing new windows or doors, and updating light fixtures. Depending on the extent of work that needs to be done to make these repairs it can quickly become a financial burden for many homeowners. Furthermore, if any additional inspection is required before completing these interior repairs it may add weeks or even months to the transaction process as well.

Exterior repairs are often necessary in order to maintain a home’s visual appeal and structural integrity. Common exterior repair projects include repainting an exterior wall or trim elements, checking for water damage around window frames and siding, cleaning gutters, repairing roof shingles, pressure washing decks and patios, sealing driveways/walkways against moisture damage; landscaping gardens; replacing damaged fence posts; re-grading land surrounding the house; addressing drainage issues near foundations; inspecting chimneys; etc. Many of these tasks require specialized tools which may not easily be available to all homeowners making them difficult to complete without outside help from contractors or specialists– adding further expenses onto what was initially meant to just be a maintenance cost.

Foundation repairs are one of the most expensive types of home repair bills but also one that cannot be ignored due to their importance in maintaining structural integrity throughout a building's lifetime. Some signs that your foundation might need attention would include cracks in walls (both inside & out), uneven floors with sloping sections, and sticking windows & doors that don’t properly close/open anymore due to misalignment caused by shifting soil underfoot– all symptoms indicative of potential foundation trouble requiring immediate attention before further damages occur. The costs associated with foundation repair vary greatly depending on size & scope so getting multiple estimates from reputable professionals should always happen first before committing financially towards such a large expense when undertaking this type of project at home.

How Expensive Repairs Affect Homeowners

The financial cost of repairs can be overwhelming for homeowners. The cost of materials, labor, and other supplies needed to complete a repair can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size and complexity of the project. In addition to these costs, there may also be additional fees such as permits or inspections that need to be paid in order for the repair work to proceed legally. Many homeowners are unable to cover these expenses out-of-pocket and must take out loans in order to make necessary home repairs.

Another significant factor associated with making costly repairs is time; both preparing for it and actually completing it. Homeowners often have difficulty finding enough free time between their day job and personal commitments like family or errands in order to dedicate energy towards planning a renovation project, researching contractors, or simply just being present while workers come into their house and do whatever needed to doing which can quickly add up over extended periods without prior notice if not managed properly ahead of time. Furthermore, unexpected delays due to bad weather conditions or supply shortages could cause further setbacks which would eat away at any previously allocated budget estimates initially agreed upon before starting this journey with a contractor.

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Skip Expensive Repairs

Skip repairs provide an alternative to expensive home renovations and repairs. With this service, homeowners can receive a cash offer for their house in its current condition, eliminating the need for costly repair bills or unreliable contractors. This allows homeowners to avoid putting any extra strain on themselves financially while still selling their homes quickly for cash. Furthermore, skip repairs also reduce the length of traditional real estate transactions by doing away with lengthy inspection processes and appraisals that are often required in real estate sales.

Our pricing model is based on the condition of your property as well as its location and market value. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best offer we can make, so you can get a fair price for your property without having to do any unnecessary work or worry about unexpected expenses associated with typical home renovation projects. In addition, we will handle all closing costs paperwork, making it easy and stress-free for our customers when it comes time to sell their homes quickly and efficiently.

When choosing us as your skip repair provider there are no hidden fees or other surprises along the way - just straightforward communication between parties involved throughout each step of the process until a successful sale has been completed! We understand how important it is that everyone involved gets what they want out of these transactions, so our goal is always customer satisfaction first; making sure everyone walks away happy at every opportunity given us here at Skip Repairs!


At Skip Repairs, we buy all types of properties. We specialize in residential and commercial real estate such as single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, condos, and land. We also purchase vacant lots for development purposes if that is the seller’s goal. No matter what type of property you are looking to sell quickly for cash, our team can help make it happen.

We understand the importance of receiving payment quickly when selling a property which is why our transactions typically close within 7 days or less after the initial offer has been accepted by both parties involved. This allows homeowners to have peace of mind knowing they will be able to receive their money promptly without having to wait months on end like typical real estate sales often require.

The repairs taken care of by Skip Repairs include but are not limited to interior repairs such as drywall repair/replacement; carpets or flooring replacement; painting walls; electrical outlet/wiring installation; new window/door installation; light fixtures updates; exterior wall/trim repainting; water damage inspection around windows frames & siding; gutter cleaning; roof shingle repair; pressure washing decks & patios; driveway/walkway sealing against moisture damage; landscaping gardens, fence post replacements, grading land surrounding house, drainage issues near foundations' inspection, etc. All these tasks require specialized skills and tools, so we recommend that any interested homeowner contact us before attempting any DIY projects in order to avoid potentially costly mistakes from happening along the way while trying your best at fixing up your own home!


At Skip Repairs, we understand the financial burden and time commitment that can come with significant home repairs. That’s why we offer a convenient alternative for homeowners who are looking to quickly sell their properties without having to invest in costly renovations or repairs. Our skip repair services provide a hassle-free solution, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with unreliable contractors, hidden fees, or unexpected expenses associated with typical real estate transactions. We make it easy for our customers by handling all paperwork related to closing costs and offering competitive prices based on the condition of your property and its market value. Plus, you can receive a payment within 7 days of accepting our cash offer – letting you move on from this chapter of your life without any stress or worries weighing down on your shoulders! So if you're interested in a quick sale backed up by reliable customer service then give us a call today and let us help make your dreams become reality!